DIY Off Road LED Light Bar

I was surfing the web one day and came upon a site selling LED light bars for off road use. The pictures and videos looked promising. I then saw the price tag… $1300UDS for 42″ long bar. Like this one. WOW!!! I have been playing with LEDs for years. I know LEDs are very cheap these days….

So, I said to myself, I can build that! Thus begins yet another project.

The LED I am using are 1W bright white.

  • 3.6 Forward Voltage
  • .350 Forward Current
  • 100 Lumens

This project for my Jeep will have over 100 individual LEDs. Calculated to be pulling less then 5AMPs TOTAL CURRENT!!! Yes, less than 5AMPs!!!

EDIT 4/18/12: It turns out its less then 3 AMPs!!!

I have designed a custom power supply, in EagleCAD, with over 95% efficiency! I built several prototypes on my CNC machine. After deciding on a design, I ordered prototypes form a board manufacturer. It was easier to get a double sided board from them, rather then making my own.

Obviously prototyping is not cheap, but i figure i will have a working 48″ LED bar for less than $300USD.

Edit 4/18/12: I kinda missed that mark, it was over $600 total.