Jukebox Wireless Microphone “Enabler”

At my company we operate TouchTunes Jukeboxes. There are all digital media playing  juke’s. Some of our locations need to be able to use a microphone, and talk over the music. Normally this is not too much of a problem, except for the cost of the microphone. To get a “off the shelf” working solution wireless mic is about $800 from TouchTunes. But wireless mic systems are as cheap as $50! The problem is the juke needs to know when to shut off the music so someone can talk. The juke has a “switch” trigger, when the switch is triggered, the music cuts out, and the mic input is enabled. Pretty simple, but low cost mics don’t have a “switch” output to tell the juke to cut out.

SO, ho do we fix this? I made a small PCB “add on” board for the cheap mic system. I simply stole a signal from the mic indicator LED. So when the remote mic is switched on, instead of the LED lighting up, it now triggers the juke “enable switch”…thus cutting out the music, and allowing the user to talk over the speaker system.